November 6, 2015

Welcome to Copper and Caramel

Thank you for joining us for our brand new adventure!

If you know either of us (Diana and/or Sara) you know that we are always looking for something creative to get our hands on.

Introducing our new brand: Copper & Caramel!

Copper & Caramel was started as a way for us to work together on a fun project while being creative and sharing it with others. 

The Copper & Caramel name came from a comment our sons made during a moms/sons trip this past summer — though we aren't the crime fighting ninjas/detectives they wanted us to be originally. 

The Copper & Caramel Etsy Shop has many of our favorite handmade card designs for sale. Stop by and take a look at what we've been up to.

We also want to use this space to share creative card ideas and tutorials as we think of them. We'll be posting ideas, tips, tricks, industry info, etc. 

If you love handmade cards or stamps, make sure to bookmark this space and visit often. Subscribe to the blog, follow us on Facebook, join us on Instagram, or favorite the Etsy shop.

We also want to share something you might be looking for, so message us with ideas or if you have a custom order you would like. 


  1. Bravo Ladies! Knowing the beautiful work the two of you do this will be a wonderful venture for the two of you. Good Luck!